„Development of Media Criticism in Ukraine (elaboration of the course “Media criticism”)”

Monitoring of controversial aspects of mass media activity in Ukraine from the point of view European media standards is conducted. In particular exploitation of fear and aggression, relationship between traditional and new media are regarded. Results of the scientific work are available in the serial of publications.

„Development of electronic media in Ukraine (elaboration of the course “Media criticism”)”

We have completed the first four (out of six) parts of scholarly and research work aimed at monitoring and analyzing online mass-media activity in its technological, ethical and professional aspects. An interdisciplinary group of university researchers has been formed. The group members are studying the state and peculiarities of functioning of Internet media in Ukraine, as well as the technology of forming multimedia information flows (Institute of Media Ecology, faculties of journalism, applied mathematics, and information science).

Technological, editorial, psychological and law difficulties that online media face have been described and analyzed. International experience in the sphere, as well as the potential of its adaptation to Ukrainian realities has been studied and generalized. Students have presented: 1 master’s thesis, 1 bachelor’s thesis and 1 term paper related to the scholarly and research theme. We posted seven articles and a collection of methodological recommendations for the course Internet Journalism on the website of Institute of Mass Information Ecology; Our newly created online resource Internet media http://i-media.ho.com.ua/ displays video materials and other works by Journalism faculty students

“Exploitation of the motives of fear and anxiety in electronic mass-media”

The theme “Exploitation of the motives of fear and anxiety in electronic mass-media” is being elaborated during the teachers’ working hours.

We have continued to analyze monitoring and analyzing the content of the television news programs about the potential effects of the motives of fear and anxiety in the media. News reports of Ukrainian channels were monitored (September 2007 to September 2008). The most interesting time for the exploration was during September-November 2008 when Ukrainian mass media started to inform about the world and Ukrainian economic crisis. As the crisis and informing of mass media about it still continues and it is too early to talk about the results but anyway the monitoring give us grounds to conclude that most of the plots contain some elements of anxiety mainly public speeches of the political leaders as well as properly journalism news production. This tendency one can notice especially on “1+1” news channel. Most forecasting news plots of this channel are based on the motives of fear and anxiety.

Having analyzed TV-programs dedicated to the problem, as well as the results of media monitoring for the effects of the usage of fear and anxiety motives on different age-groups, the researchers have concluded that the problem is dangerous underestimate in political as well as journalists spheres. We need the correction of the information policy in Ukraine in the context of the problem.